A Full Day in the Old City


Arriving at Davidson’s Center


Sarit and Justin lead us in Tifila at Robison’s Arch.


Placing notes from our 2nd graders into the wall at the Kotel (see photo at end of post).


Praying at the Kotel. Women’s side.





PJA Boys at the Kotel.


Placing tzdaka money from PJA 2nd graders in charity box at the Kotel.

< a href="http://pja2israel.edublogs.org/files/2012/03/20120316-151246.jpg">20120316-151246.jpg

Having a wonderful Falafel picnic lunch at the City of David.


Touring the City of David.


We survived the water tunnel tour in the City of David!


Beautiful evening view from the Old City.


View of the Davidson’s Center at night on our way back to the hotel after a wonderful day in the Old City.


One thought on “A Full Day in the Old City

  1. pja 8th graders,
    I can’t believe I just had my last call with Noah and that in just a few hours you will be on the plane headed home. Your photos and blog posts have been wonderful to see and read, and from all that I have heard from Mr. Mendel and Ms. Wygant about the trip and all of you, this has been a trip you will always remember. During every phone call I have had I have heard about how well you are doing, what a great group you are, and how much you are learning, absorbing, and participating in your experience in Israel. We are sad that it is over, thrilled that you are coming home and will be able to share all of your stories with us, and gratified that it has been such a wonderful experience for all of you. Nesiyah Tova to you all, Safe travels. We will see you in Portland!
    Hugs to you all,
    Ms. Hendin

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